I am Noah.  The lovely lady who stands by my side is Terri.  We are The Rosson’s.   I am the youth pastor at Faith Church. I was called to youth ministry while attending youth camp. I am passionate about loving Jesus, and it is my desire to pass that passion along to students, peers, friends, and anyone who will allow me the privilege of sharing the faith I have developed for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The environment of ministry I create is inviting and fun, but more than that, it is a place where I teach meaningful and relevant lessons from God’s word which map out direction for one to learn,trust, and grow in maturity as they develop in relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that the Holy Spirit empowers the believer to live an overcoming life.  The world offers a lot of things, but only GOD gives us the Holy Spirit.  In this ministry, students will learn the value of experiencing life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The goal at RSM is to grow in faith while impacting the world for God.
Contact me: PastorNoah@conwayfaithchurch.com