Red Curtain Theatre is performing Smoke on the Mountain at Faith Church on Friday, May 18th at 7:00 pm.  Come and enjoy a wonderful show; come to support The Harbor Home.  Tickets are $20; 1/2 price of each ticket sold will go directly to the Harbor Home ministry.  You can check out more about the Harbor Home at the following link:
Smoke on the Mountain is delivered by a delightful cast…the play’s colorful characters come to life in a way no other stage has ever seen!  The story takes place in the Mt. Pleasant Baptist country church in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, circa 1938.  The Sanders Family Singers have been invited by the young, enthusiastic Pastor Oglethorpe to perform at the church’s first Saturday Night Gospel Sing.  Eager to appear perfect in the eyes of the small congregation, the Sanders Family proves, much to the audience’s delight, that they are anything but!  It’s their flaws and quirky nature that ends up endearing them to the congregation; the audience becomes the congregation, singing along to many classic gospel songs!  

Smoke on the Mountain is a popular play that’s been seen on major stages around the country, and now it’s  local, right here at Faith Church!