We desire you to

Experience Christ – Enrich your life – Extend God’s love.

Finding Faith is finding family!
Our schedule at a glance:
Sunday Morning:  9:00 am   Sunday School   10:00 am service and Children’s Church
Wednesday night: 6:15 pm Free meal  6:45 pm   Children’s ministry-Youth Ministry-Adult Bible study
Thursday night: 6:30 pm   men’s Bible study & women’s Bible study
We offer Sunday School at 9:00 Sunday Mornings, Sunday service at 10:00.  We dismiss the children to go to children’s church following the worship service in the Sanctuary.    Wednesday we have a free meal at 6:15 pm and 6:45 we dismiss to individual times of ministry by age groups.  Toddler/nursery, boys, girls, youth, and adults.  Thursday nights we offer Bible study at 6:30 pm.  The women meet in the fellowship hall, and the men meet in the in the classroom next to the sanctuary. We are a child-friendly church-bring them along.  

Who we are.

We are an authentic, spirit-filled group of people on a journey together. We seek to establish and maintain environments that offer the opportunity to build God’s Kingdom, and assume our share of spreading the good news of Christ by all means available. You can see our simple approach to ministry by clicking 3 E’s of Faith ,or look at our Fundamental Statement of Faith by clicking our 16 Fundamental Truths.


Where we came from.

We are an Assembly of God fellowship. The Assemblies of God was formed in 1914 in Hot Springs Arkansas by a group of people who were eager to see the Kingdom built through believers empowered by the Holy Spirit. In 1996, a group of people met with the vision to have a Kingdom building, spirit-filled church in Conway, Arkansas.  Faith Church was incorporated into the Assemblies of God a short time afterward. The vision was simple, worship God Almighty, and to go and make disciples through relationships and teaching.  


Where we are going.

We want to continue to build the Kingdom of God right here, over there , and everywhere. Our expectation is pretty simple–Experience ChristEnrich your life – and Extend God’s love. If you haven’t clicked on it yet, you can find a more detailed explanation of the Three E’s of Faith HERE.


What this means for you.

You are on a journey, and we want to walk that journey with you.  If you have found Faith – you have found family.  You are greatly loved by God.  We want to meet you, and show you the love of God.  The Lord has a purpose for you, and He has good things for you.  We want to celebrate that with you.  Come and Experience Christ- He will Enrich your life – and you will find it easy to Extend God’s love.
Faith Church is located at
1203 N. Museum Road, Conway Arkansas 72032
Phone number 501-327-9094
office hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am-3 pm

Pastor Sam Adair:  Sam is pastor of Faith Church and has been on staff since January of 2015.   He and his wife, Beth, have served as pastors, youth pastors, and in various ministry roles over the last 20 years. Beth has served as a missionary to the Netherlands.  Together, they are fully committed to Christ and desire to duplicate fully committed followers of Christ.  They have two children: Sydney and Chase. 

Pastor Nick Ortiz: Nick is the youth pastor as well as worship pastor. He joined the team in August of 2018.  Nick, his wife Micala, daughters Rainah and Ahbree, have been on staff at multiple churches where Nick served as youth pastor, worship pastor, and anything in between.  They have served in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.  Nick is passionate about leading people into a place where they can experience the power of God’s presence; in the presence of God–things change.



The Current Church.

We visited a church in Kenya and were able to give them bibles in their own language.  We were also able to fit many with glasses so they could read their bibles.  There are many in the area that are being discipled.  The issue is room, or the lack thereof.  



The Building is Small.

The building can fit only a few adults.  There are many more adults in the area that want to come.  There are many children that desire to go to church with their parents.  Their current church is meeting in a small home.  Their vision far exceeds the capacity of their building.



Together we build.

This is the current pastor and his mother.  They are standing on the site that his father and her husband purchased.  He was the founding pastor, and had a vision to reach the area.  He passed away, but his son has taken up the mantle and will keep the vision.

Kenya Church Project

Faith Church has committed to building a needed building for a sister church in Kenya, Africa.
We have partnered with Seeds Ministry in Kitale, Kenya in Africa.  Seeds ministry does a fabulous job at planting seeds in the the lives of people,  and from those seeds great fruit produced.  We are partnering with a sister church in Kenya.  It was planted through a discipleship program that originated from Seeds ministry.  We are proud and honored that part of our Faith church family here in Conway, Arkansas (Samuel and Marsha Santiago)  are missionaries.  Kenya is one of the many places they serve.   It was on a missions trip to Kenya many years ago that Momma Marsha washed the feet of some pastors who were being discipled through Seeds ministry.  One of those pastors went on to plant a church in his local community.  He had a vision to reach his community for Christ.  His vision was stunted by lack of space for meeting.  He dreamed of having a localized building that could serve his surrounding area.  The people are poor.  They live in tiny huts, most of which are made from mud.  With the help of Seeds ministry, the pastor was able to purchase a plot of land.  They were able to put a well on the land.  This well is already serving the area.  People come to the property from all around due to free, fresh water.  The pastor died unexpectedly, but his vision remains.  The pastor’s son was called by God to take his father’s place.  He has joined the discipleship program offered through seeds ministry and has continued to keep the church going.  Samuel and Marsha Santiago, as well as Pastor Sam from Conway Faith Church visited Kenya in November of 2023.  It was on that trip that they were able to attend a meeting in the tiny church with a huge heart…and even bigger vision.  It was there that Pastor Sam felt the need to partner with this church and make their vision come to life.  We, here at Faith Church in Conway, are committing to raise the needed funds of $10,000 to build and furnish a new building for this sister church in Kenya.  We have already purchased 16 chickens, which Seeds ministry has provided a plan with the chickens to help grow and sustain some income, as well as food for this church.  We will raise the needed money for their building, as well as continue our relationship and support with this congregation.  Your support is needed. Please scroll down to this page to the Kenya Church Project giving section.



Thank you for your gift.

2 corinthians 9:7

Life Relaunch for Men
For information on registration for a Men’s Life Relaunch event, please click this link.
Life Relaunch for Women
For information on registration for a Women’s Life Relaunch event, please click this link.
Life Relaunch is an event that we, here at Faith church, offer that seeks to change hearts and restore lives through two-day group experiences. Attendees can experience walking in greater freedom and discover their purpose and calling in life.
You can visit to find out more at the national level.



FC ministry groups

Sunday Service is at 10 am every Sunday.  
FaithChurch Student ministry meets each Wednesday night at 7pm for ages 12-19.
Faith Kids meets for Children’s church each Sunday.  They are dismissed after worship service to their room.
Faith Church girls ministry meets each Wednesday night at 7pm for girls ages 5-12.
Royal Rangers is a ministry for boys age 5-12.  They meet at 7 pm each Wednesday night.
We have  Sunday School classes for all ages beginning at 9am every Sunday Morning.
Women of Faith meet in the church fellowship hall  at 6:30 pm on Thursday nights.  There is child care available.
Men of Faith meet at 6:30 pm in the classroom next to the sanctuary doors every Thursday night at 6:30 pm.  Child care is available.
Life Relaunch is a 2-day Life Changing seminar that brings inner healing and revitalization to men and women.   We offer Life Relaunch multiple times each year.  
Wednesday night, Pastor shares a word from his heart in the sanctuary.  It is conversationally based and comments and questions are welcomed.  

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